Sixteen Ounces

10 May, 2014
Sixteen Ounces

I first heard about Sixteen Ounces from fellow food blogger and all round awesome gal – Whitney (read her review here). Her photos on Instagram had me intrigued and I was keen to check out another new cafe in Vic Park.

I first dropped in for a coffee a few days after I got married. The guy behind the counter was the NICEST barista I have ever encountered. He chatted to me the whole time he was making my coffee and in that time we talked about my wedding and the upcoming honeymoon and I am sure we also solved all the world’s problems. I left and he wished me well on my trip. I vowed to return…

The day after Andy and I get back from our honeymoon (i.e. “eating and drinking our way around Bali) the first place that is on my mind to try is Sixteen Ounces. We got there pretty early and already this little hole in the wall cafe was full! Thankfully it didn’t take long for a table to become available as patience is not a virtue I possess.

The interior design of this place has made use of every inch of space. Instead of making clutter with shelves and wall hangings – it’s all painted on the walls… different! Filament lights hang from the ceiling and the exposed brick looks homely rather than “Maylands druggie apartment block”.

Sixteen Ounces

A simple brunch style menu is on offer here with prices ranging from $6 for Abhi toast (including gluten free) up to $22 for the farmhouse brekky – toast, streaky bacon, mushrooms, eggs, wilted spinach and pork chipolatas.

Coffee is by Five Senses with tasting notes conveniently written up on a blackboard. If you haven’t been to a cupping Sixteen Ounces Coffeesession before it is really interesting to taste coffee and get all the different flavours on your palette. You soon learn that coffee isn’t just “coffee flavour”…. just like how wine isn’t just “wine flavour”… well for the first few glasses anyway. The coffee here is exceptional. It’s strong and robust but not bitter – in my book… perfect.

I ordered the steel cut oats ($14.50) which came served with seasonal fruit, chia seeds and almond milk. Steel cut oats remind me of eating brown rice. There is that nutty flavour to them with a bit of chewiness. This bowl of porridge was a bit soupy for my liking. I think less milk would have gone a long way. There was nothing wrong with the flavour as it was sweet and tummy warming like oats should be.

Sixteen Ounces Steel Cut Oats

Andy went with the sweet rosti haloumi ($17) with a side of streaky bacon ($4.50). Two crispy sweet potato rostis made a bed for a couple of big slabs of meaty haloumi. A small rocket salad on the side was a good partner for the rosti they were a bit under seasoned and needed the lift from the peppery salad. The streaky bacon was cooked well yet for $4.50 we expected more than two small rashers. This might be an acceptable charge for back bacon but surely not for streaky.

Sixteen Ounces Rosti

Sixteen Ounces has a lot going for it. Even though there could be some minor improvements made to the food, the coffee and service are where they shine. You won’t find nicer barista’s than here.

257 Albany Hwy, Vic Park
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Breakfast served Mon – Sat 8am – 2pm 

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