Source Foods

5 March, 2010

Source Foods
289 Beaufort St Northbridge (cnr of Brisbane and Beaufort)
9328 1449
Breakfast served all day from 7.30am Mon-Fri, from 8.30am Sat-Sun.

For those who have been looking for a place that does vegan or gluten free breakfasts, look no further than Source Foods Eco-Cafe. This quaint little cafe on the outskirts of Northbridge prides itself providing food that is obtained through fair trade as well using a chain of supply that also contributes positively to ecological and human communities.

Everybody throws around the “fair-trade” and “eco-friendly” terms now days.. it’s the new “black” but sitting in this place and reading the menu you actually feel like they mean it. Different meals are labeled things like LFM (Low Food Miles) and NAP (No Animal Products) for example.

The menu had a good selection of choices ranging in price from $5.50 for your basic toast (on organic bread of course) up to $18 for their “Big Eco-Breaky” – organic toast, poached eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and wilted greens. There is also a NAP option to this which is organic toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, wilted greens and organic tempeh strips (I had to look these up – but they are like fake bacon made from soy beans). There were other meals that were based around mushrooms and hommus as well which sounded interesting and you can also order panini and sandwiches if you like!

My sister has Coeliacs (gluten intolerance) which is why we thought we would try Source Foods as she is really trying hard to stick to a gluten free diet. She was pretty happy to find out that her menu choice came with GF bread if she wanted! She ordered at “Eggs in a Daze”, which is like eggs florentine with toast, poached eggs and spinach with a side of bacon. I ended up ordering eggs on toast (poached) with a side of bacon. Source foods also has a good selection of extras you can add on to your meals! We ordered coffees and a banana smoothie and for me.. of course a vanilla smoothie!

I noticed that Source Foods has a great selection of herbal teas as well. To be honest I haven’t seen that in a while! The coffees came out rather quickly and as soon as my sister tasted hers she said “mmm that’s really good coffee”. It dawned on me that I had not had a coffee in a long time since not working and I really savoured the beautiful coffee aroma and the taste was smooth and not at all bitter… perfect temperature as well.

The food also came out in a timely fashion and looked delicious. My sister said her eggs were cooked perfectly but the bacon was a little burnt in places. Also the hollandaise sauce was tasty – not too “vinegary” or “eggy”. She started eating the bread and said “this tastes too good to be gluten free” but her bread was different to mine and she hasn’t been sick yet. So their GF bread must really be that good!

My meal is a simple one that I was generally happy with but the poached eggs were slightly over done and like my sister, the bacon was slightly burnt. I don’t mind crispy bacon but some parts were a bit too crispy! The organic toast is beautiful. It actually has flavour and substance. I really liked it!

Our smoothies came out a bit late but it doesn’t matter because they were awesome! So ice cold! I hate room temperature milk drinks… it has to be ice cold – like beer!
The service was very friendly and you almost get a sense of calm and good nature from the girls that work there. If you want to eat from a ecologically and socially responsible cafe that caters for vegans and gluten free diets, then look no further than this little gem – Source Foods.

PS. Check out Urban Spoon – it rocks!
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  • Reply Conor @ HoldtheBeef 5 March, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    >Two good reviews in one week about this place, sounds like a great idea behind it, and it's super close to my house,,, I have to go check it out! I just have to accept that my list of places to try is never going to shorten, but I guess this is a good thing.

    Glad to hear your sister got some tasty gluten free action 😀

  • Reply MisMegs 7 March, 2010 at 3:26 am

    >mmm yum im trying this place for lunch today!

  • Reply Devan 8 March, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    >Oh wow, I never knew about your blog until I clicked on one of those RSS feeds on Poached Perth. I'm definitely following this blog from now on…the only decent breakfast place I know is Sayers at the moment. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    I've driven by Source Foods several times on the way into Northbridge, and have always seen the place so busy. It's a shame that the food wasn't prepared "consistently" or with that extra bit of love. But still worth a try.

    Ooh yeah, gluten free… :)

  • Reply The Perth Breakfast Bitch 9 March, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    >Thanks for the comments guys!

    Conor – Defo check out Source if it's near by! Good to go for a walk and get breakky!

    Megs – Awesome.. I hope your lunch was nice 😉

    Devan – hey and welcome! Thanks for your nice words. I went to Source during the week so it was quiet but that's the thing with getting breakky on a weekend – you have to time it right or book. Sometimes you just get up at 11am and feel like eating breakfast out!

  • Reply Hannah (a very foodly diary) 20 March, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    >I am in love with Source breakfasts. Reading your post has reminded me that it's been over 2 weeks since my last visit, and I am feeling hungry.

    H :)

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