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12 June, 2014

The last time I was at Steves was on a Wednesday night about 15 years ago (holy crap). We were drinking cheap jugs of beer and loving the atmosphere of this well known student haunt. I think I may have fell down the stairs or pashed a law student…  something embarrassing like that anyway!

Back then the pub was in Nedlands but it wasn’t “Nedlands”. Walking in and seeing the Moet champagne bar was a sure sign that things have changed. Can students afford Moet or was this their “move on notice” to find a new place to be debaucherous? Even the cutlery is in Moet & Chandon buckets just in case any of them missed the point!

The menu is what I would expect from a pub. Nothing too “out there” but enough to choose from where most people would Steves Coffeefind a dish they’d like. Prices range from $7 for toast up to $25 for the big breakfast – eggs, bacon, chipolatas, slow roasted tomato, sauteed champignon mushrooms and buttered toast.

Fiori coffee is is the bean of choice at Steves. A good barista will make a great coffee from this but my coffee was superheated and bitter. As it cooled the flavour came back to something that resembled coffee but it wasn’t a great start. Rachael on the other hand had a good coffee – so maybe I was just unlucky?

My breakfast of asparagus & quinoa poached eggs ($18) came with a dressed salad and persian feta. The salad was full of small roasted onions and grape tomatoes that were soft and sweet, a perfect match for the nutty quinoa. The addition of bean sprouts were a little confusing but nice none the less. Asparagus was lightly charred, still with a soft crunch. My two poached eggs were perfect, a slight cut through the white giving way to a river of gold flowing yolk. I think the kids are calling that #yolkporn.

Steves Asparagus & Quinoa

Rachael ordered the corned beef brisket hash with fried eggs ($18). This was no small serve. The hash of beef and potato was seasoned well with the side of hollandaise sauce adding a touch of butteriness. The two fried eggs had a nice crispy edge with soft yolks, reminding you that this was in fact a  breakfast dish.

Steves Corned Beef Brisket

As someone who is rarely defeated by food, Brooke had to bow out of the challenge of finishing her baked Spanish omelette ($22). Made with lashings of chorizo, roasted capsicum, mushrooms and tomato there were no boring bits in this classic breakfast dish. Served with a small salad and pre buttered sour dough – we joked that “around these parts, people butter the bread for you”. I wonder if they do that with the $7 toast.

Steves Omelette

Ordering at the counter is the norm here but as they were quiet the waiter was happy to take our orders and let us pay afterwards. The service was always friendly and relaxed – like how it should be at a pub.

Steves is probably one of the better pubs I have had breakfast at but I would still question the prices. I think $7 for toast is bordering on ridiculous. What do you think?

30 The Avenue, Nedlands
Breakfast served Fri-Sun 8am-11.30am

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