14 September, 2011

212 Lake St, Northbridge
Breakfast served from 7am – 12pm Mon-Fri & until 2pm on Weekends.
Licensed for BYO

Firstly this is the second time I have reviewed Tarts…. it was one of the first few places I reviewed when I started this blog nearly 3 years ago! As with last time I went there, I have ended up at Tarts because the original place we had decided did not work out.. but make no mistake – I am not regretful about eating brekky at a place like Tarts!

Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha came up with the idea a while ago that I do a “sweet series” of reviews where we only order sweet breakfasts. We decided we would start this at Koko Black on Sunday along with her sister and fellow blogger (What I Ate Today), Gypsy A Go Go. To our disappointment and annoyance that I had not read the opening times properly on the website, I found out they do not open for breakfast on Sundays! We decided to walk from Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha’s place to Tarts instead. So I am sorry all my sweet tooth readers… we will be starting the “sweet series” soon!

We grabbed some menus and got a seat pretty easily out the front in the warm sun. In between gossiping we tried to look at the menu and actually make a decision about what to eat. EVERYTHING on the menu looked delicious with prices ranging from $6.90 for breads (including croissants or bagels) up to $18.90 for the Grande – Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms with sour dough. I thought there was a good mix of dishes on the menu as well. It really seemed like one of those “something for everyone” menus.

I eventually decided on having the Bagel – V ($12.90) – Cream cheese, avocado, spinach and semi-dried tomatoes, also with a side of bacon ($4). I also ordered a vanilla milkshake and a cappuccino to which Gypsy A Go Go asked me “what is with your milk addiction anyway?!”. I really just LOVE milk! My milkshake was delicious. It was really creamy and had a nice flavour that didn’t taste like sickly sweet syrup. The coffee was perfect temperature with a creamy top and strong flavour.

My meal was delicious! I thought the bagel might have been a bit chewy but it was so soft and easy to eat. I also found it surprising that the semi-dried tomatoes were really sweet. Normally I don’t like them as I can find them to be a bit tart. The spinach was blanched nicely so it still had a bit of crunch and the bacon was cooked well with some nice crispy edges on it! Yum!

Here is Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha’s thoughts on her breakfast,
“As per usual by the time I sat down to eat breakfast I was starving and everything looked really good!  Tarts is a firm local favourite of mine and never disappoints, the service is prompt, friendly and they will even come out and offer to bring you water for your snorty little dog which is a big plus for me!

I ordered the mushrooms on toast that comes with fresh ricotta, rocket and pesto ($14.90) and also sausages as an extra ($4) as well as the largest cappuccino they had on offer.  The coffee came out within a few minutes and was a perfect temperature and tasted great, it was also in a large mug which I really appreciated.  The mushrooms on toast with sausage came out and looked fantastic, it tasted even better!  The mushrooms were cooked very well, sometimes they can tend to be a bit soggy but these were just right and the sausages were delicious! 3 litte sausages were a perfect accompaniment. The whole meal was very reasonably priced as well. All in all it was a great breakfast!”

Here is what Gypsy A Go Go had to say,
“I ordered the Breakfast bruschetta with tomato, goats cheese chorizo and rocket ($14.90). This was almost perfect. At first I wondered if it would be enough but it was just the right amount of food. The bread was crusty but nicely softened in the centre by the tomatoes & the tomatoes themselves were soft and tasty. The only thing lacking was the goats cheese – it needed more. Maybe its just a personal thing as I LOVE goats cheese and never care if its taking over the dish.

My exact words when ordering the coffee wwas “give me the biggest cappuccino you have” (with some please and thank you’s – I have good manners) and so happy to receive a mug! However not so happy to dig down the froth to find it mostly frothy milk with 3 mouthfuls of coffee. It’s good coffee I have to admit but really… hold the froth and give me the caffeine please!”

The service is counter service at Tarts, which is perfect to go up there an see the amazing cakes, muffins, macarons and all the cool little gifts they have inside! I still think Tarts is a great little gem for Northbridge and don’t forget they have a beautiful outside area out the back as well!

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