18 January, 2009

Tarts – 212 Lake St, Northbridge
Breakfast served from 7am – 12pm Daily
Licensed for BYO

We had a false start this morning at another “new” and apparently “trendy” cafe in Leederville, which I am scarred enough from my 5 minute experience I doubt I’ll ever go back. Luckily Bambino’s brother-in-law ‘DC’ was quick to suggest Tarts instead! I am thankful he did because I was starting to feel like having breakfast out with Bambino’s sister (LC) and DC wasn’t going to happen.

Tarts is one of those old house turn cafe style establishments. It’s in Northbridge next to the Northbridge hotel at the Highgate end of Lake st – far enough away from James street that you aren’t mingling with people falling out of the nightclubs first thing in the morning. Tarts is not only a cafe but also a gift shop selling some beautiful pieces of jewellery, handbags, purses amongst other things. These are on display throughout the main section of the cafe and I feel they add to the character of the cafe rather than detract from it.

Bambino and I arrived at Tarts before LC and DC. It was very full (it was peak breakfast time – 10.30ish) and we walked through the gorgeous quaint cafe out the back to try and find a table. There weren’t many tables and we were beginning to lose hope and the blood pressure was raising again until a lovely waitress delivering coffee’s said she’d be back to help us. She came back quickly and helped us move some small tables together…. then it started to rain. We said not to worry about it and we walked back out the front. Just as we did a group of people left. Perfect!!

DC and LC arrived and we got some menu’s and ordered coffee’s straight away. When the coffee arrived, DC commented that he believed Tarts was the only place that does Vittoria coffee well! I must admit the coffee was fantastic regardless of the brand. We even ordered a few rounds over the course of breakfast. Bambino and I also ordered some freshly squeezed juices. Me – OJ, Bambino – Apple. They were definitely fresh as well as sweet.

Now.. breakfast.. The menu! The pricing of the menu was very reasonable. $6.50 for a selection of breads and preserves up to $17.90 for the ‘Bellyful’ – scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans and sour dough toast. The menu consisted of the usual breakfast dishes such as muesli, eggs benedict as well as their own flair of Italian inspired dishes such as ‘Mushrooms on Toast’ – mushrooms, feta, ricotta, rocket and Pesto. I also noticed that Tarts served their own version of a Caprese for breakfast, which they called ‘The Italian’ – fresh tomatoes, feta, avocado and tarts lemon dressing. This dish would be lovely for a light, healthy breakfast. The Tarts menu has a nice balance of heavy style dishes with light but flavoursome dishes.

I ordered the ‘Bellyfull’ as I had been up since early that morning working and was starving! Bambino, LC and DC ordered the poached eggs on toast with various extras like chorizo, avocado, baked beans etc. Our meals came out quickly and I was delighted to see the tomato sauce I had ordered on the side actually came with my meal. Every time I order this I ALWAYS have to remind the waitperson when they bring the meals. My breakfast was delicious. I think baked beans as a staple in a full breakfast is vastly under rated… Tarts hit the nail on the head by including them! Bambino, LC and DC all commented that their poached eggs were cooked to perfection. Bambino loved the chorizo he ordered as an extra. LC said she thinks Tarts does a very wholesome breakfast. I couldn’t agree more, with all of us enjoying our meals and personally I did not feel that ‘oh dear I ate a greasy meal’ feeling that you can get with a large heavy breakfast.

Breakfast is served until 12pm, which gives those of us who like a sleep in that little extra time to enjoy a breakfast out. The wait staff were fast and helpful – a special thanks to the waitress who took the time to move some tables for us when they were obviously under the pump. After our stressful experience at organising this mornings breakfast, eating at Tarts meant we ended up having a relaxing and enjoyable breakfast.

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