The Flying Taco

14 March, 2014
The Flying Taco


Before Mexican became fashionable in Perth there sat a little place on Angove St called The Flying Taco. It was the perfect place to grab something to eat after a session at The Rosie or if you wanted something takeaway that wasn’t fish and chips. A few weeks ago they decided to pick up a bat and join the breakfast game.

This is a pretty brave move considering the competition they have on Angove Street. The places along there are heaving every morning, so surely these guys could pinch a bit of that business?

If you are after eggs benedict or pancakes with berry compote then this place probably isn’t for you but if you want flavoursome mexican that doesn’t just taste like bland rice and beans then ARRIBA YEEEHAAAA… grab a table here.

The menu is fun with lots of actor and TV/movie character names for dishes and words like “feisty” used to describe the food. Prices range from $6.50 for the “Jack Palance” – refried black beans & homemade queso fresco on toast, up to  $18 The Flying Taco Coffeefor the “George Lopez” breakfast burrito – refried black beans, red rice, cheese, spinach, eggs and your choice of bacon or mushrooms. Don’t freak out if you’re not into the heavy mexican flavours – they have poached eggs on toast too ($12.50).

They offer Antz inya Pantz filtered coffee at $3 a cup with free refills for dine in customers. Yep you read correctly – FREE REFILLS! Do not be turned off by the “filtered coffee” part – this wasn’t the terrible stuff you get at a work conference. With some of Perth’s best coffee in the mix you can’t go wrong with a cup of this fine brew. My only criticism of this was that it would have been nice to have small jugs of fresh milk on offer rather than the little UHT pods.

The “Mitch Buchanan” was ordered by both Lee and Sherryn. Can you believe I had to ask “who is Mitch Buchanan?”. What a loser! This giant serve of guacamole with pico de gallo chunky tomato salsa and homemade queso fresco was only $8.50. This whole dish was as fresh as the morning breeze with light bread making for the perfect base. Lee and Sherryn loved that the queso fresco wasn’t skimped on. This cheese is very similar to feta or goats cheese and it can easily be made at home – so you know the word “homemade” on the menu isn’t a lie that will make baby jesus cry.

Flying Taco - Mitch Buchanan

Gus from Gusface Grillah went with the manly “George Lopez” burrito. Forget any other breakfast burrito you have had anywhere… this is the best. It was more about the “breakfast” and less about the beans and rice. I never really order burritos myself because I think they taste like carbs wrapped in carbs but this one was all bacon, cheese and eggs with rice and refried beans playing the supporting role.

Flying Taco - George Lopez

The “Danny ‘Machete’ Trejo” ($12.50) came as a bed of corn tortillas bathing in spicy sauce with refried black beans and fried eggs. Andy also ordered an extra side of bacon ($3). He was surprised that the tortillas were still crispy underneath all those lovely ingredients. The coriander throughout the dish took the edge off the spicy sauce with the beans adding a nutty flavour. The bacon was not just good, it was great; it was crispy without being like jerky. Sunny side up fried eggs had a slight crisp around the edges with runny golden yolk ready to ooze through the dish.

Flying Taco - Danny Machete Trejo

The “Cheech and Chong” ($12.50) was a dish with my name written all over it. It has nothing to do with its name – I promise Mum! A colourful and fresh meal of refried black beans, sweet potato homefries, spinach and braised ranchera mushrooms really hit the spot with its smokey flavour. The potato was soft and sweet and the mushrooms were as meaty as “meat for vegetarians” can be. A fresh tortilla on the side to mop up the sauce would have really made this dish, but Andy thinks this is just me being uncouth.

Flying Taco - Cheech & Chong

These guys have their own hot sauce as well – and it goes well with all their breakfasts! Lee and I enjoyed lashings of it – because we aren’t weak…we can hack it. If you love their hot sauce, you can buy a bottle to take home so you can cover all meals in a delicious sauce that burns. I would have done that but I am getting the feeling that Andy thinks I use chilli’s and chilli sauce too much. I can take a hint from his comments –  “oh it’s nice to have something to eat without chilli” when I cooked a cake once.

The owner Anna is keen to know what you think of her food – she asks you and she is really interested in the answer, it’s not just an empty question. She will come out and check on you and refill your coffee as many times as you need so take the chance to have a chat to her about what she is passionate about – tasty Mexican food.

If you love Angove Street but you’re over fighting for a table and lining up for that second cup of coffee then pull up at chair at The Flying Taco and don’t feel guilty about sitting there talking to your friends over a bottomless cup of coffee.

40 Angove St, North Perth

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Originally posted on WA Today on 14th March 2014

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  • Reply Andrew MIll 31 May, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    The Flying Taco closed last night, after more than 6 years of tasty food. There’s more info posted on their Facebook page.

    • Reply Liz 1 June, 2014 at 1:07 am

      Yeah I knew of this news. Sad!

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