The Garden

1 July, 2012
The Garden

Want to know where you can get a JUG of Bloody Mary or a JUG of espresso with belvedere vodka? Look no further than The Garden. This open air pub offers drinkers something a little more classy than it’s neighbour  – “The Leedy” and since December last year they have been offering breakfast on weekends. Attempting to compete with the likes of Sayers is a brave move but judging by how full the restaurant was this morning, they are having no trouble holding their own.

If you are not in to communal dining on long bench style seating, then maybe The Garden isn’t your place. However you can choose to eat in the pub area rather than the restaurant. Despite the style of seating you don’t ever feel like you are part of someone else’s group. I was impressed to walk in and see the tables set with water and sauces. I was further impressed that we were seated in a “pub” and our coffee orders were taken straight away. Sometimes cafe’s even struggle with this concept.

All of us (Andy, Sammy, Audio Cass, Andrew) ordered coffees. The Garden uses Amore coffee. It was smooth and light in flavour and Sammy commented that she normally adds sugar but this coffee didn’t need it. We also ordered…. yes… a jug of Bloody Mary made with Belvedere Vodka ($45). We couldn’t NOT order it after seeing it on the menu. All the flavours were there in perfect balance to make a great bloody mary. Sammy ordered a nice full glass of Cava ($8.50).

The menu has a few of the old favourites on offer along side some interesting and different menu choices. Prices range from $4.50 for muffins up to $20 for the “Big Garden” (eggs, roasted mushrooms, chorizo, bacon, potatoes, roasted tomato and toast).

Audio Cass picked the ham & swiss cheese bagel, poached eggs, fresh rocket, hollandaise ($18). The hollandaise was thin and there was not much of it. A nice thick dollop on top the bagel would have been perfect. The individual elements tasted ok but as a whole it didn’t seem to work well together.

Andy had the same comments about the hollandaise on his dish – the corned beef hash, poached eggs, wilted spinach, hollandaise ($19). The combination of the flavours worked well but the hashes were inconsistent. One had hardly any corned beef and the other was perfect. The poached eggs on top had nice runny centres.

Sammy ordered the potted egg – tomato & capsicum relish, baked with an egg on top ($16). It came in a little cute iron pot and kept the meal hot until the end. There was lots of well balanced flavour with the tomato and capsicum relish making up a sweet flavoursome sauce. According to Sammy, the baked eggs topped with cheese is “the best combination ever”.

Beetroot sourdough bruschetta, norwegian smoked salmon, scrambled egg and chives ($19) was something I wouldn’t normally order but I really wanted to try this beetroot sourdough. It didn’t disappoint. The bread had the sweetness and tell tale flavour of beetroot. It looked like red velvet cake – but as bread! The salmon seemed to be unusually very salty. It almost overpowered the flavour of the salmon and the rest of the dish. In my opinion, the eggs were over cooked. They should be just cooked before serving so they are still creamy and soft rather than tough.

Andrew’s big breakfast was big. He commented any bigger and it would have been too much. The chorizo was fried off nicely and was spicy. The roasted mushroom held it’s flavour as did the tomato. It was a nice touch to have roasted cubes of potato instead of something typical like a hash brown.

All of us made the comment that the “camping” style enamel plates were different but the colours selected for different meals should be considered. The lime green plate didn’t do the presentation of Audio Cass’s meal any favours. Also the size of the plates means the breakfast meals can look a little lost.

The service we received was excellent. It was friendly and efficient. Meals were brought out promptly and we were always kept topped up with coffees.

It feels like The Garden is almost there with their breakfast. There is excellent service and great ideas with things like the jugs of breakfast cocktails and the meals. A few minor improvements could really propel this popular Leederville bar into the same league as some of the popular cafe’s in it’s surrounds.

742 Newcastle St, Leederville
Breakfast served weekends 8am-11am 

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  • Reply Chompchomp 1 July, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Did you see if they had any GF bread available?

  • Reply Liz 1 July, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    Yep they did. I usually add “gluten free” as a tag when they do. Thanks for reading!

  • Reply Lydia 1 July, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Good to know, and yes…I agree with the colour of the plates!

  • Reply Catrin 15 July, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Great review, but the staff need to learn a little more about the coffee they serve. The coffee is actually “Amore” the distributor is a company called “Frisky Goat” I use the same coffee at our cafe – The Empress Cafe in Como.

  • Reply Liz 15 July, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Thanks for info Catrin. I will update the review.

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