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11 January, 2014
Ladder Cafe

I rarely venture into Mt Hawthorn to eat yet it really has so much to offer. Do people get caught up at Angove street and not bother to keep driving a few more minutes? I know I do! I made an effort to venture over to this part of Scarborough Beach road to visit The Ladder Cafe with my friend and fellow foodie Rachael.

I was shocked when I walked in to find the place fairly empty. I really hope it isn’t always like that and it was only because it was near christmas. It is so roomy and spacious inside with a quaint garden out the back for those that prefer to sit out under the trees. I love that they haven’t just rammed in as many tables as possible. It is a pet hate of mine when I cafe does this yet doesn’t have the kitchen capability to cope. It’s almost a bit of a world away from the busy street outside with old painted beach shack wood used as a feature wall and a bright and airy feel about the place.

Ladder Cafe

The  menu oozes love and homeliness. Maybe I just felt that way because of how friendly the staff were or maybe it was the quotes at the bottom of the menu… but whatever it was it made me get all “nawwww” about this cafe. As usual, the big  breakfast takes out the top price; for $23 you get eggs, toast, bacon, grilled chorizo, slow roasted tomato, mushrooms and home made beans.Ladder Cafe juices

The coffee used here is by Bonissimo. Not my favourite coffee bean, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good my flat white was. Kudos to the barista. Rach and I both ordered a cold drink to help cope with the heat. I had a traditional lemonade and Rach had a fresh apple juice. Both very refreshing and much needed!

I spent some time trying to choose between the coconut pearls ($15) – coconut milk with tapioca pearls, fresh fruit and palm sugar caramel and mango sorbet and the breakfast quesadilla ($18). As much as I try, I just can’t get into sweet breakfasts. I read them on the menu and think “yum” but when I get it I have food envy for the savoury dish someone ordered. The breakfast quesadilla won.  It came as three huge triangles of toasted tortilla filled with cheese, bacon, spring onion and scrambled eggs. On the side was a jalopeno cream, salsa and home made beans. I didn’t know where to start! I tried each bite with a different “side”, mixing and matching…It all tasted great! This dish was so full of flavours that all complimented each other. It was fresh, tasty and very filling.

The Ladder Cafe Breakfast Quesadilla

Rachael’s mushrooms benedict ($19) caused much food envy on Facebook and Instagram. A large serve of enoki and oyster mushrooms piled on top of fresh baby spinach with two plump poached eggs sitting in pride of place drizzled in hollandaise. I have just learnt of a term “yolk porn”… these eggs were very porny. Rich yellow yolk oozed over the mushrooms – perfect. The hollandaise was creamy and maybe lacking a bit of tang but overall this dish was a huge winner.

The Ladder Cafe Mushroom Bruschetta

With an all day breakfast being served over the weekends, you can mosey on down after a nice sleep in and not feel rushed to get there by 11am. This strip of Scarborough Beach road is well worth visiting if you are fed up with the Angove street crowds!

167 Scarborough Beach Rd
Breakfast served from 7.30am Tues-Sat & from 8am on Sundays.
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