The Left Bank

6 January, 2010

The Left Bank – 15 Riverside Road, East Fremantle
Breakfast Served Daily – 7.30am – 11.30am
Fully Licensed

So it’s Wendy Tosh and I…. dropping our friends to what was to be another messy boat party at the East St Jetty (we went on one the week before and it was a rip snorter) when we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to have a nice breakfast over looking the river at The Left Bank.

It can’t be denied that The Left Bank gets top points for location and setting. It was beautiful sitting outside on that balmy morning (this was the last week by the way.. I have been in a alcohol induced coma until now). Straight up we knew we wanted Bloody Mary’s and coffee.. food could come second!

The guy who made a Bloody Mary’s looked less than impressed at being at work… until our shining faces rocked up and ordered this drink at 9 in the morning. He commented with a smile, “rough morning?”… and then he was our best friend until we left! The cocktails were exceptional!! Tosh and I both commented that they were perfect – right amount of Tabasco and everything. YUM!

We thought we had better order some food so we didn’t look like complete trash bags. The menu prices were reasonable for most things, ranging from $5 for toast up to $22 for Eggs Florentine with Salmon.. which I thought was called “Eggs Norwegian”? Anyway I pondered over a couple of the more interesting choices like the Mediterranean Breakky Plate – grilled chorizo, spanish style beans, turkish bread, hommus and rocket or the Bruschetta which was mushrooms, feta, and rocket on turkish bread drizzled with basil olive oil. Despite these lovely options I went with The Left Bank Breakfast which was bacon & poached eggs on toast with roast tomato, field mushrooms and hollandaise sauce. It was the hollandaise that drew me in because I don’t think I have ever had a full breakky with it – plus I was craving bacon. Wendy Tosh went Eggs Florentine.. only for her love of Hollandaise and quest to find a sauce better than Dome!

We also ordered coffees. Let’s face it… you don’t go to a pub for breakky to talk about the coffee… but I will. The coffee’s came out quickly and were actually really nice and hot! I hate luke warm coffee. Now… if only our breakfasts followed the same pattern…

Tosh’s breakfast came out about 10mins before mine did. Which is unacceptable considering there was only 2 of us and it was a weekday when the place was quiet. I told her to start and she was disappointed to discover her poached eggs were hard. Hard poached eggs is the WORST. She said the hollandaise sauce was really nice and if it weren’t for the eggs the meal would have been perfect. Mine came out and it was like the chef had given up the will to live when he plated my dish. The majority of the bacon was burnt, not nice crispy, acceptable burnt… it was “touch it with the knife and it turns to ash” burnt. The eggs were also hard and the worst part was the field mushroom. I don’t know if anyone has ever worked in a kitchen before… but you know that smell your clothes get from being around grease and hot pans etc all day? That’s what this mushroom tasted like. I had one taste and pushed it to the side… and some accidentally got on my bread another time and the mere taste of it nearly made me gag.

I am really hoping that it was just one of those bad days for The Left Bank because it is such a beautiful place and I have eaten there before and it has been lovely. Overall the service at the bar was brilliant… AWESOME Bloody Mary’s and coffee. Wendy Tosh liked her meal besides the hard eggs….it was just me with the bad luck!

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  • Reply alex sunday 6 January, 2010 at 11:19 am

    >hmm, i've found the left bank breakfast to be unsatisfying also. just boring really. i won't be going back. there's too many places doing good breakfast to waste my time here! glad to hear they do a good bloody mary though. reminds me – i still haven't tried 399's weekend breakfast….

  • Reply Conor @ HoldtheBeef 6 January, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    >I've had lunch here before and one word can describe it: crap. I'm not surprised they buggered up your breakfast too. At least they seem fairly talented at serving booze.

    Oh and I just remembered…one Sunday sesh there I needed some fatty carbs to soak up all the beer so I ordered wedges and they were the biggest things you have ever seen in your life. Like the potato was the size of a football. Crazy!

  • Reply The Perth Breakfast Bitch 7 January, 2010 at 12:26 am

    >I wonder if the the upstairs restaurant is any better??

    Alex – I want to try that Bloody Mary breakky at 399's as well. It's right behind a friends place too – we tried to go there one morning after coming home from Ambar nightclub… until we realised we should probably just stay at the house. hahaha

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