The Little Shop of Plenty

19 September, 2015
The Little Shop of Plenty - Breakfast Perth

There are so many cafes serving fanciful breakfasts with things like slabs of bacon, fried chicken, waffles piled high with sweet adornments and don’t even get me started on the ridiculous milkshakes in mason jars trend. Whilst this stuff sure is Instagram worthy, where you’re going to get plenty of those emoticons with the love hearts for eyes as comments, it is nice to be able to go somewhere for the most important meal of the day and not leave feeling like you should go on the wait list for bypass surgery.

The Little Shop of Plenty offers up food that they say is ” simple, nourishing wholefoods, mostly plant based, often raw… always delicious”.  The people working here aren’t just “staff”, it’s obvious that they are passionate about the food they are serving. If their shiny hair, flawless olive skin and big friendly smiles aren’t enough of a sales pitch, their enthusiasm and knowledge means that even the most institutionalised bacon eater will be champing at the bit to try the food.The Little Shop of Plenty - Matcha Latte - Breakfast Perth

The new craze in the world of the morning hot drink is the matcha latte. “IT’S NOT NEW!!!” I hear some of you screaming.. well it is to us mainstream coffee drinkers, so pipe down. This powder made from green tea is fully loaded with everything you need to pry open your sleepy eyes; so coffee drinkers needn’t worry about not getting the caffeine hit. There’s also a heap of good stuff in matcha like antioxidants and an amino acid called “L-theanine”, which apparently can have a relaxing effect (yes I googled!). So what does it taste like? Like earthy creamy green tea. If you are normally a two sugars kinda person and prefer a sweeter drink, then they will add some honey for you.

If you wanted to stick with a traditional brew, they have their own blend of organic coffee from Honduras & Ethiopia roasted by the guys at Fiori in the Swan Valley. All of their hot drinks can be made with cows milk, almond or soy milk.

The all day menu requires some concentration to read. Well, maybe that’s just the case for me as it felt like it was the first time I had ever read a menu! I am so conditioned to scanning down and seeing all the usual suspects and thinking  “easy – yep – I’ll have that”. I was seeing words like “tempeh”, “cashew creme fraiche” and “kombucha”… then finally something I recognised – a sous vide egg! Prices range from $9.50 for the living buckwheat granola up to $16.50 for field mushrooms, leafy greens, cashew creme fraiche with garlic & lemon thyme on toast.

Opting for a more simple breakfast, Sarah thought her jam and honey on Strange Grains gluten free toast ($12.50) was a real little treat. Served with individual pots of organic berry chia jam, local raw honey and organic cashew, vanilla bean coconut butter, this was more than just “jam on toast”. The jam was naturally sweet with a hint of tartness and the butter had a sweet nutty flavour. An extra slice of toast would have been perfect just to use up some more of that delicious jam.

The Little Shop of Plenty - Toast with Jam - Breakfast Perth

The “warm and toasty” section on the menu is a choice of different toppings like the jam Sarah had, sweet potato, fennel and sauerkraut, avocado and lime or field mushrooms with garlic and thyme. I chose the paleo plate ($15.50) which was a little taster of all the toppings, obviously minus the toast. For $3 I also added a sous vide egg. A plate filled with little piles of avocado & lime, sweet potato & fennel smash with sauerkraut, mushroom braise with cashew creme fraiche was put in front of me and I thought “the is the most non-breakfast ‘breakfast’ I have ever had.” As I gingerly tried each little element, I soon began tucking in like a child trying something for the first time and then realising they love it. There was just so much flavour and what really struck me was how fresh it tasted. Like they had picked the veggies and made it all minutes before it was put in front of me. Do you know what would have made that paleo plate perfect for me? Some toast… which I could have added for $4.50. Yes, yes, yes I understand the irony here!

The Little Shop of Plenty - Paleo Plate - Breakfast Perth

As we walked down the street to the car, I remarked to my sister that it was nice to walk away from a breakfast and actually feel bright eyed and bushy tailed rather than over full and ready for a mid morning nap.

Take a break from bacon and try The Little Shop of Plenty – your body will thank you for it!

217 Railway Parade, Maylands
Breakfast served all day Monday & Wednesday – Saturday from 7am, Sundays from 8am

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 Originally published on WA Today on Friday 18th September 2015

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  • Reply Kristy (Queen of Bad Timing) 21 September, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    I loved this place when we went! Definitely makes your insides thank you, and your tastebuds sing out in happiness :)

    • Reply Liz 28 September, 2015 at 8:55 am

      I should go back for lunch with George. I feel really comfortable there with him as the staff love chatting to him!

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