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31 July, 2014
Merrywell 2

Dude food exploded in Perth when The Merrywell opened a couple of years ago. People were lining up for hours just to get a table inside Crown’s newest addition. If you don’t know by now, this place is famous for serving up American style food. I haven’t really researched why American style food is labeled “dude food” though? Can anyone answer that for me?

When the press release dropped into my inbox telling me that The Merrywell was now serving breakfast my heart skipped a beat. Something different to review! I could eat breakfast and then drop a tenner on the money wheel! YES!

The menu here hasn’t left anyone out. If you want to eat with your hands, have something sweet, eat a steak or just have your usual eggs benny or full english then they have you sorted. Prices range from $11 for a fruit salad up to $30 for the Blackened Steak & SSU Eggs. (SSU stands for Sunny Side Up…. yep I had to look it up too). You’ll find most things on the menu are around the $15-$18 mark, which is pretty good for Perth.

You can choose from two styles of coffee, your typical espresso machine brew or bottomless diner style drip coffee ($2.50). Whilst the coffee was nothing to complain about, lets be honest, you don’t come to The Merrywell for the coffee. They have a  full bar  so you can have the best kind of beer – BREAKFAST BEERS. I have a rule.. if toothpaste taste is gone, then it’s not too early to drink.

There was 15 of us at breakfast, so I won’t be giving a review of everything everyone ordered. Also – I didn’t want to be “that” person stopping people from eating whilst I get the right shot. Yeah…I hate those people too.

A fair few of us went for the blackened steak and eggs and with a bumper price tag of $30 I was curious to see what we got.  When the plate was brought to the table there was widening of eyes and gasping of breath at the size of this baby. Slices of wagyu rump with a spicy southern flare sat atop home fries and cheese sauce with a blanket of SSU eggs.

Home fries are the most perfectly crispy slices of potato, fried with capsicum and red onion and finished with spring onions and seasoning that reminded me of shaker fries from HJs. And I don’t mean that in a bad way… they were awesome! Oh and lets not forget the two sunny side up fried eggs. Bright yellows and brilliant whites with a crispy bottom – my husband will be jealous! You might also be asking “what does blackened steak mean” – it doesn’t mean they have cooked it until black, it’s  Cajun style of cooking steak where the spices give it a nice crust.  A friend asked “is that hollandaise or bernaise sauce”… I said “wash your mouth out with pins – it’s cheese sauce!”. pffft there’s no fancy French sh*t on this dish! This meal was so dude-y that it’ll put hairs on your chest.

Merrywell - Blackened Steak

Sherryn’s banana pancakes ($16)  with a side of bacon ($5) was an uncomplicated dish. Three large pancakes were fluffy and thick but the banana was a bit light on. The canadian maple syrup was the real deal. Dark and sweet – this was no Cottees substitute.

Merrywell - Banana Pancakes

The New York Egg Sandwich ($15) was a popular choice at the table. Two fried eggs, bacon and melted provolone cheese all on a toasted brioche bun… the BEST kind bun. This fancy bacon and egger was a hit with everyone with the light airy bun soaking up the runny yolk. I love that this was served with tater tots (potato gems) in a very on-trend mini deep fryer basket.

Merrywell - New York Sandwich

Sarah’s egg benny ($18)  was a serious meal. Served with home fries there was no way you’d walk out hungry after this. The hollandaise was tangy yet creamy and a quick slice of the knife released the warm oozy yolk from the perfectly poached eggs. A little side of their smokey tomato coulis made for a snazzy accompaniment.

Merrywell - Eggs Bennie

They offer gluten free bread here too, which to be honest, surprised me. So, Coeliacs rejoice – you too can have dude food for breakfast!

No one ordered this but they serve a croque madame on a stick… like a cake pop. Gus from Gusface Grillah reviewed this when he went a week before me – have a read so you can see how they did it! He was talking to me about it excitedly saying, “and here I was eating sandwiches with my hands – LIKE A CHUMP!” I think that is genius – sandwich on a stick – perfect for the lazy person inside us all.

The service is what you would expect from any restaurant at Crown. The staff were really helpful in getting us a high chair and moving things around to fit it in. Even though there is no “kids menu”, there were lots of families there with little ones so this could be a good choice for a family breakfast.

They only take bookings for large groups but there is a charge for no shows. So make sure you have your RSVPs sorted!

Crown Casino Complex, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood
Breakfast served daily 7am – 11am

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Originally Published on WA Today – 1st August 2014

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    I was one of the egg sandwich crew and it was very good, loved the brioche bun and the potato gems are killer

    I still want to try the pastrami dish too although I’m concerned I will be disappointed if it’s storebought pastrami

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