The ‘Pear’fect Pantry

11 October, 2013

Finally I am working my way through my list of “must visit” restaurants and cafes with The ‘Pear’fect Pantry being one such place I have been meaning to check out for a while now. Errin and I take each other out for breakfast for our birthdays, this breakfast was my gift! It’s really just a bit of an excuse for us to catch up and gossip.

We found the cafe behind a laundry on the grounds of the Moondyne Gardens apartments. You won’t see if from the street except for several core flute signs on the verge letting you know it is somewhere “behind there”. I wondered if the people who lived in the apartments got annoyed with the cafe being there or if it was a good selling point? I know I would LOVE it… for obvious reasons. There are plenty of outdoor tables for those that like a bit of sun and inside is a quaint delight with proverbs and quotes decorating the exposed brick walls.

I was excited to see they served Yahava coffee. If you ever want a coffee tasting experience, I recommend going out to the Swan Valley and doing a coffee tasting at Yahava. There is a French guy – who if you are lucky enough to have serve you – who will provide plenty of dry humour during the tasting. Just the kind of humour I like. Anyway… back to the coffee… The barista at Pearfect did the Yahava coffee justice. Creamy, robust, at just the right temperature – all the words you want to hear when talking about the perfect cup of coffee.

These guys pride themselves on a versatile menu that caters for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free diets and those that like the taste of food that comes from animals. Prices range from $8 for fruit bagels that come with maple whipped cream cheese and maple syrup up to $20 for the big brekky – bacon, eggs, baked beans, roasted tomato, chipolatas, hash brown and toast. There’s also a “light weight” version for only $13. A couple of their meals had this option – perfect or “pearfect” for those that want food but not the big meal.

Errin’s brekky burger ($14) came as a tower of bacon, egg, roasted field mushroom, rocket, hash brown, swiss cheese, aioli and homemade tomato sauce. PHEW! A steak knife was needed to hold his baby together. After working out how to tackle this monster, she managed to tell me how it tasted,  “there are just so many flavours going on right now.. wow” she said through mouthfuls of this juicy burger. It did become a bit too juicy, falling apart after a while with all the sauce and egg yolk soaking into the bread.

If you know me from my past reviews, you will be familiar with how obsessed I am with feta. The roast pumpkin brekky ($16.50) had my name written all over it. A huge meal made up of the sweetest roasted pumpkin I have ever had on a bed of fresh baby spinach with a couple of poached eggs, marinated feta and beetroot relish piled on top. They were generous with everything on this dish, so much so that I couldn’t finish it (of course I picked all the feta out). This was one of those “wow” meals. You know the kind that you savour every bite by pushing your tongue to the roof of your mouth to smack your lips together with that satisfying mmnnah.

The ‘Pear’fect Pantry is definitely one for you if you’re having breakfast with friends or family who “require” different types of meals. The chef, Mel Holly, has put a lot of thought into the menu and their claim that all food is made with passion you can taste is not just lip service – the sweetness of that pumpkin is not something I will forget quickly. This cafe really is… absolutely “pearfect”.

48 Herdsman Parade (behind the laundry at Moondyne Gardens apartments)
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Breakfast served from 7am weekdays & 8am weekends. 

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Originally Published on WA Today 11th October 2013

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  • Reply Kathy 12 October, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    I’ve eaten here several times & have really enjoyed the experience each time …it’s a great little place :)

    • Reply Liz 13 October, 2013 at 10:31 am

      I can’t believe it has taken me so long to check it out Kathy! Thanks for reading :)

  • Reply justagirlfromaamchimumbai 13 October, 2013 at 7:53 am

    I loved in Glendalough for a whole year and never visited this place, now I want to go back bawwwhhhhhh.

    • Reply Liz 13 October, 2013 at 10:32 am

      Are you anywhere near by now? It is worth the drive! Thanks for reading :)

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