The Roasting Warehouse

4 May, 2014
The Roasting Warehouse

For us inner city slickers, a trip to Fremantle seems so far that it might require a packed lunch. Call us lazy, but with so many of our favourite brunch places within walking distance, we often feel like it might not be worth the mini road trip. However, when we were asked to write a guest blog for the Breakfast Confidential, we decided to fuel up the car, load our iPod with some road trip classics and head down to Fremantle to try one of the many brunch places we’ve heard so much about.

The Roasting Warehouse on South Terrace is an expansion of Di Bella coffee. Started in 2002 in Brisbane, as a small coffee roasting operation, the company has expanded to wholesale their beans internationally and Australia-wide. The café itself has some indoor dining, but most of it is spread over a lovely sprawling deck area, reminiscent of a converted fuel station (we discovered in fact it had previously been a chocolate factory).

Being a Sunday morning, we expected to wait for a table, so the friendly waiter added our name to the list. He was quick to offer us a spot at the end of a long table, instead we opted to wait for our own. Unfortunately, this was a mistake as we ended up with a small low table with wooden stools that weren’t what you’d call comfortable. However we were impressed with how efficiently the wait list was managed.

Our orders were taken promptly, and the coffees came out soon after. The two of us who drink coffee both have soy, and The Roasting Warehouse Coffeeare unimpressed with how often it is overheated and separates, as well as the many places that use poor quality soy. We were very happy to see that the Roasting Warehouse use our favourtie Bonsoy. The flavour of the coffee was delicious, very smooth but not overpowered by the soy, no bitter aftertaste. Unfortunately by the time the coffees hit the table they were lukewarm, the only negative.

Bitch #1: Potato Rosti with Elmar’s smoked ham, WA laid free range poached eggs and hollandaise ($19.50). I find it difficult to go past anything but the old favourite: bacon and eggs. Unfortunately, my eggs didn’t make it all the way to the table perched perfectly on top of the bacon on top of the rosti, so I have to say presentation doesn’t get a big tick. As a fussy customer would, I asked to replace the ham for bacon, which they were more than happy to do. For an extra $2.50 though? I don’t think it was worth it! The potato rosti was delicious, crunchy on the outside and full of flavour on the inside. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly, with a beautiful gooey centre. I am sad to say that the downfall to this dish was the bacon (how sad I was after paying that extra $2.50 for it!). I believe it was due to its placing on the dish, sandwiched between the rosti and the eggs, drowned in hollandaise. As a result, it wasn’t the crispy bacon I was hoping for. Solution: keep the hollandaise separate!

The Roasting Warehouse Eggs benedict

Bitch #2: Gingerbread cake with poppy seed syrup, nectarines and blueberries. Being a big supporter of “dessert for breakfast” this dish to me sounded fantastic (I have also been known to eat leftover apple crumble for breakfast on occasion). However something that may not have initially appealed to my savoury-loving friends turned out to be very well balanced. The cake was lovely and moist, with a good level of ginger. The poppy seed syrup was sweet, but the fresh nectarines and blueberries were enough to cut through the sugar and lighten up the dish. Would have licked my plate clean if that was socially acceptable.

The Roasting Warehouse Gingerbread

Bitch #3: Coffee cured salmon, poached eggs with beetroot relish and goats cheese on gluten free toast ($18.50). WOW! The coffee cured salmon was amazing, perfectly flakey with a slight hint of coffee made it a great breakfast option as it was not as rich as the more traditional smoked salmon can sometimes be. The beetroot relish added freshness to the dish and worked well with the saltiness of the goats cheese. The eggs, as with the aforementioned dish, were beautiful and gooey! If there was one element of the dish that could be improved it was the gluten free toast- unfortunately it was cardboard like, which is a shame as there are now some great gluten free breads on the market. I would highly recommend this dish, although make sure you are hungry as it is very filling!!

The Roasting warehouse salmon

When we were done with our meals we all commented on how full we were and that we couldn’t eat another bite…until we went inside to pay at the counter and spotted the cake cabinet!! *drool… We all resisted, though made a point that we will definitely we back for coffee and cake soon.

The Roasting Warehouse Cake

And if you feel the need to do some exercise and reduce a small amount of guilt from overindulging at breakfast, then you can hire one of the Warehouse’s vintage-looking bikes for $20, and cruise around Freo before or after breakfast, finishing up with a complimentary coffee when you return. Great idea!! Overall we conceded that the road trip south had been well worth it, and as we trekked back to our inner city we vowed to make more of an effort to brunch further afield. Well, the thought is there.



312 South Terrace, South Fremantle
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Breakfast served from 7am all day every day


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The Roasting Warehouse

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