The Sparrows Nest

17 February, 2015
Sparrows Nest

There was a period of time in Perth when giving venues an avian name was hotter than pulled pork. There is Cheeky Sparrow, The Old Crow, The Aviary, Swallow Bar, the list goes on and then in swoops a little Vic Park cafe on the tail end of this trend with the name The Sparrows Nest.

It reminds me somewhat of the Moon Cafe with it’s bric-a-brac furniture and event posters plastered all over the walls. And with Nirvana seductively oozing from the speakers, I almost felt like a student again waiting for my cheap pasta and glass of chateau cardboard. Almost…

I was soon jolted out of my nostalgic day dreaming upon reading the extensive menu. With so many options covering sweet, savoury, light, heavy and vegetarian – it was going to be hard to decide. I am trying this thing where I actually consider every item on the menu rather than scanning for my favourites. I have missed out on some good breakfasts with my stupid method! Prices top out at $22 for the “no lunch brekkie” – eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, hash browns, mushrooms and tomato relish. Oh did I mention the breakky menu is available all day? Booyah! No need to set the alarm for breakfast here.Sparrows Nest - Coffee

The coffee here is “blow your socks off” good. It’s by swan valley roaster Yahava and if you think that ordering a “long mac topped up” is as adventurous as it gets here, think again. They do coffee layered with condensed milk (I can drink that stuff from the tin – who’s with me?).. or what about a crema brûlée? This is a shot of espresso topped with milk and foam, then sprinkled with sugar that is bruleed. So what did I order? A flat white. Do you all feel a bit deflated now? I certainly did typing that! Don’t worry – I’ll be back to sample one of these coffee’s with a difference. Unlike my husband, I just couldn’t do “sweet” on this morning.

Andy apologetically has a penchant for sweet breakfasts of late. He thinks he doing you all a disservice by not ordering bacon but there was a dish here that was the best of both worlds. Aptly named, “everything’s better with bacon” ($12), it’s choice of banana bread, pear and raspberry or gluten free fig, date and honey loaf topped with bacon, maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream. Yes – you read ALL of that correctly. This is a breakfast that really crosses the sweet and savoury boundary but it sure did rock Andy’s knickers. He chose the pear and raspberry loaf, which was a thick cakey slice that wasn’t too sweet but had a healthy dose of mixed spice and tart fruit. The sweetness was all in the small lake of maple syrup. It was then topped with a generous amount of well cooked bacon and finally crowned with a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream. How did it taste? Well between mouthfuls, all I could hear was “oh my god this is amazing”.

Sparrows Nest - Everythings better with Bacon

For me, I wanted to stay savoury so I ordered the Sparrow’s scramble ($16). Being up the duff means I had to ask for the eggs to be well cooked but they were far from being dry. Buttery and creamy and filled with chives plus my favourite of the fetas, danish, this was a dish that left me soon wondering “what happened to my breakfast?”. I really should take some breaths between mouthfuls when I eat. The grilled tomato on the side – meh.. I could take it or leave it. Maybe it could be substituted for tomato relish, as I just think nothing says “I hate life” more than a grilled tomato on breakfast. Fresh peppery young rocket on the side was a nice finish and married up perfectly with the salty danish feta.

Sparrows Nest - Scrambled Eggs

I don’t feel that one visit is enough. I want to go back and try one of their interesting coffees or the Mexican cheesecake.. now stay with me here… but this is cheesecake fried in a tortilla. It’s like a cheesecake spring roll. CHEESECAKE SPRING ROLLS. I think we all need these in our life.

With super friendly staff to boot, The Sparrows Nest is one to add to your list of places to visit. Even if it is to just drop in for one of their coffee’s with a difference.

912 Albany Hwy, East Vic Park
Facebook Page
Breakfast served Tuesday – Sunday 8am – 4pm 

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Originally posted on WA Today – Friday 13th Feb 2015

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