The Wild Fig Cafe

30 June, 2009
The Wild Fig Cafe – 33 West Coast Drive, Watermans Bay
Breakfast served 6.30am – 11.30am daily
Licensed – BYO $2 per person corkage

A huge storm front couldn’t keep my sister and I away from breakfast at The Wild Fig Cafe on Sunday. We had discussed during the week whether to book or not and after reading on the website that they keep some tables free for “walk ins”, we decided not to. Let me tell you now – BOOK!! We arrived around 10am, which is of course peak breakfast time. There were no tables and the friendly maitre de suggested we wait at an outside table (considering the weather, this wasn’t an option) or we could have a couch seat. We took the couch seat, which has a coffee table in front of it and a view of the ocean.. so it wasn’t all bad!

The first noticeable thing about Wild Fig is their promotion of Fair Trade. This is the new “in fashion” trend for cafe’s but I have been looking at Wild Fig for a while and as long as I can remember they have been promoters of this. They also donate $5000 a year the hunger project. The cafe is relatively small but they fit a lot of people in there without it feeling over crowded. If you get a seat at the front of the cafe you will get a nice view of the ocean and the morning seaside joggers/walkers – who look rather fit!

The menu is comprehensive with a good selection of originally named dishes. Prices range from $5 for toast with fig jam (your choice of sourdough, olive or pumpkin eye) up to $19 for the “Big Fig” – free range eggs, sausage, field mushrooms, tomato and toast. There are a number of dishes that catch your eye purely because of the name. Like “Eggs on Fire”, which is scrambled chilli eggs, bacon, spinach, sweet corn sour cream and sourdough. Then there is the selection of sweeter options such as “Goldilocks” – porridge with toasted almonds, blueberries, vanilla figs, poached pear, honey & maple; “Bananarama”, which comprises of caramelized bananas between a pancake stack with mascarpone cheese, chocolate shavings & caramel sauce. If those few snapshots of menu options don’t get you drooling, I don’t know what will!

There is also a healthy selection of juice combos, smoothies, teas as well as the interesting “Dandy”, which is the dandelion caffeine free coffee alternative that is apparently popular in Byron Bay.

I had already been drooling over the menu on the net and knew what I wanted. My sister had wanted the same thing… but she sacrificed her choice for the benefit of the blog! I ordered the “Grizzly Bear Pancakes” (Canadian pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and maple syrup) along with a cappuccino and a vanilla milkshake. My sister ordered the “Big Fig” breakfast, latte and a mango and passion fruit smoothie

The coffee came out first followed by our “milk” drinks. The coffee was great and perfectly made – smooth and at nice temperature… I can’t stand luke warm coffee! My milkshake was a standard vanilla milkshake but it had swirls of honey around the glass which added a bit of extra flavour. My sister straight away commented “wow, they’ve used real fruit” when she tasted her smoothie.

My meal was gorgeous. The pancakes were light and fluffy, the scrambled eggs were flavoursome and oh.. so creamy! There was just the right amount of nicely cooked bacon and don’t get me started on the heavenly thick maple syrup, which I shamelessly poured all over my bacon topped pancakes. When I asked my sister how her breakfast was she could barely speak through mouthfuls of those creamy scrambled eggs about how great her meal was. Sometimes the traditional “big breakfast” at some places has a tendency to be a plate just piled high with food, which seems like a waste. The Wild Fig chefs seem to have the portions just right so you feel full without feeling like you’ve wasted food.

The Wild Fig almost made my number 1.. if it wasn’t for the extremely rude cashier girl, who “told off” one of the waitresses in front of customers and then spoke to me with a very short tone of voice.

I do feel I have to make special mention of the maitre de… she was so friendly and accommodating to everyone. It seemed like nothing was too much trouble for her… which how a GREAT maitre de should be. I highly recommend The Wild Fig cafe and I am hoping to return there in the summer to enjoy that ocean view minus the storms! Also keep an eye out for their yet to open Swanbourne cafe – “The Naked Fig”!

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  • Reply alex sunday 30 June, 2009 at 11:43 pm


  • Reply alex sunday 30 June, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    >but i love that the website says they offer "….stunning sunsets all day everyday". now an all day sunset is impressive!!

  • Reply Ari 26 August, 2012 at 1:01 am

    The amount of times I have been to the fig, (about 50) and
    The amount of times I have had poor service are about the same.

    I keep hoping that they’ll fire the condescending head waiter who pretends not to remember me every Sunday. Each week he looks around the empty restaurant (we go at 730am), sighs and says ‘oh you’ll be lucky to get a table. We’re booked out until 1130pm/we’ve double booked tables/it’s a half hour wait/oh you’ve come At the busiest time/only tables outside..(we actually look forward to his excuses Each week)..
    Why don’t we book? Because each time we’ve booked, we’ve been seated on the table right next to the wine racks infront of the servery. You can’t chose where you want to sit & if you do ask to be moved to say, the empty green room, it’s the biggest deal (cue another sigh & eye roll from Mr Head Waiter.)

    My friends have commented to me that they’ve been ‘told off’ for not waiting at their table to pay their bills. Have been patronized for the waiter bringing them the wrong order and swear never to return again. 

    Why do i return there, every weekend? For their sensational menu (seriously, I crave it!!) the fair trade & organic produce & well, it’s a 2 minute walk from my house.

    All in all, it seems to me, and my friends who frequent there, that The Wild Fig has the makings of something extraordinary, had it not been for the Head Waiter’s insistence that he’s doing us a favour finding a table for us each week.

    By all means, go there. The service from the girls is great.. The boys on the other hand (with the exception of the lovely dread locked man), well, let’s hope you don’t get served by them.

  • Reply Liz 26 August, 2012 at 1:14 am

    Thanks for feedback Ari… not sure if you intended to be comical but I had a laugh as I know exactly the type of person you are talking about.

    TIP – when you book you can demand a different table. One thing I learnt from British food critic Giles Coren is that they will try and sit you at the worst table because then they don’t have to worry about giving it to any other customer. They assume you wont complain… but I say COMPLAIN! If you have taken the initiative to book a table you should be given a good one.

  • Reply Ari 27 August, 2012 at 12:23 am

    I will definitely give it a try. If I make a scene about the table, I’m sure they won’t remember me next time I go anyway! :)

    Ps. My review was for the new Wild Fig in Scarborough. Go there one weekend. I’d suggest you wait for summer though, as the outside tables that they offer are, well, cold. And wet. (In their defence, sometimes the girls will offer you a blanket.)
    I also suggest you try Pizzaca’s or Relish in Scarborough. Relish has less of a ‘vibe’ than Pizzaca’s. The sort of clinical appearance you mentioned in one of your other reviews. But, they’re food is fabulous, fast and their service (with the exception of one surly young lass) is great! The old duck that works there is SO FRIENDLY. NOTHING is too much trouble! Only drawback for me is no fresh juice. I also highly recommend Relish on Monday night for $15 pasta, and any other night for the kangaroo dish and the chicken breast dish (I’ve forgotten the actual menu names)!
    I regularly order a juice from Pizzaca’s and head over to Relish when Pizzaca’s is packed.
    Pizzaca’s is tiny, but their food rivals the fig, the service is AMAZING (and fast, especially taking into account the size of their kitchen!) I had the cheese and chives scrambled egg with salmon on Sunday. YUM!
    The old guy that works there is just a gem. Told my partner and I to get off our phones and to talk to each other! Haha. Try the Mediterranean omelette on rye bread. (I’ve lived and eaten breakfast at cafes in 4 of our great states, and have NEVER had one like it!)
    Pizzaca’s, The Wild Fig & Relish all have incredible coffee that you can have without sugar. I drink black coffee so that’s important to me!
    Sorry for writing so much! I was SO EXCITED to find your website!!

  • Reply Liz 29 August, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    Thanks for the suggestions of new places to try Ari! Welcome to the world of breakfast reviews… thanks for reading!

    I look forward to your future feedback :)

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