30 September, 2013

Typika Artisan Roasters have been a huge hit since they opened their doors earlier this year; with tales of queues out the door, I thought I’d bide my time until the popularity had somewhat abated. Just to be sure we wouldn’t have to queue (I hate it.. a lot), Sarah and I headed there at 8.30am. It was already pretty full when we arrived and by the time we left there was that queue I had heard so much about. They seem to have a good system though – you give your name to the person at the front and they call you when a table is ready. Seems a lot more civilised than people giving you the stink eye whilst you eat or don’t vacate your table within 30secs of taking the last mouthful.

I hate to compare the two, but the interior of Typika is very similar to that of Gordon Street Garage, or maybe it was just the huge coffee roaster taking centre stage that made me think that.  There is a range of seating styles – the front is populated with typical cafe style seating and towards the back there are huge tables that seemed to be used for communal dining in the absence of a large group. Along the glass walls of the coffee roasting room are bar tables with a close up view of all the action.

I expected big things from the coffee at Typika and it did not disappoint. A beautifully made cup of treacly, creamy coffee was perfect in every single way. It was so good that Sarah and I ordered another cup each and considered a third. One very annoying aspect of the “coffee” was the clown car horn that the barista honks when coffee is ready. Very. Irritating.

The menu is impressive. With a mixture of old favourites and their own signature dishes filling the page, there is something for everyone at Typika. Prices range from $7.50 for toast and preserves (add an extra $1 for gluten free – which the waitress assured us was the best GF bread in town) up to  $21 for the breakfast stack (shredded potato crisp, wilted spinach, avocado and house smoked ocean trout, topped with a fried egg) or eggs florentine (two poached eggs on toast with wilted spinach and smoked salmon. Finished with hollandaise and micro herbs.)… that would have wanted to be some pretty good smoked salmon at that price.

Sarah ordered the spiced beef benedict ($18.50 + $1 for for GF bread), which is a dish I have seen posted over and over on various other blogs and instagram. I was glad she ordered it and I loved their spin on this otherwise traditional breakfast. Two soft poached eggs sat proudly on top of a cascading pile of pulled beef, which at times was a bit dry. The sauce wasn’t the usual hollandaise, spiced with harrissa it was a racy slant on what is usually a heavy going sauce. As promised, the GF bread was pretty darn good. Light and flavoursome, it was a far cry from the cakey dense stuff you see kicking about.

Drawn in by the words “chilli salt”, I ordered the Huevos Rancheros ($16). This traditional mexican breakfast came served in a rustic pot with two thick slices of bread to soak up the sauce and chilli salt and butter on the side. Filled with grilled chorizo and a runny spiced tomato sauce, I thought it was going to be more like a soup, but after stirring in the slow cooked egg and the feta it was perfect for piling on top of the crusty bread. The flavours were big and hearty making this a breakfast that left a lasting impression.

I found the service to be extremely attentive and friendly to start with. We had our coffee orders taken straight away and the waitress complimented us on our menu choices, also taking the time to chat about the cafe and roastery. After our food was delivered in record time it became a different story. We sat there with finished plates in front of us for quite a while. Long enough for me to get annoyed. We even ordered another coffee with the plates staying put when the order was taken and again when the coffee came out. I asked twice for the table to be cleared and I was told they’d send someone over. I realised that they had a system were certain staff were allocated jobs and wouldn’t/couldn’t do anything else. One person was on food, one was on clean up etc etc. I asked the “clean up” person if I could order another coffee and she said she’d “get someone”. I find this method of operation to be frustrating. YES, it may work for the cafe but the customers don’t understand this. They just see someone NOT clearing their table. Sarah and I joked that it was to make us leave quicker. As soon as I started gathering up my things, the “clean up” person came over and thanked us and cleared the table.

Typika is just what tired “old money” Claremont needed. It was a bit like Applecross for cafes – a wasteland for anything decent. I am keen to go back and try their version of high tea – “High Brew”. Lets just hope they clear the tables a little quicker.

331 Stirling Hwy, Claremont
Breakfast served weekedays 7am -11.30am, Weekends 7am – 3pm.

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