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29 November, 2012

I am a fan of a veggie based breakfast but not everyone feels the same; some people just can’t do without a tasty piece of  smokey bacon on their breakfast plate. I say to those people – try Veggie Mama and let their food change your mind! For a while now Emma has been trying to get me to go there for breakfast and finally the stars aligned and our little gang of Gail (plus her wee man Alex), Kristi, Cass, Kimmy and Emma caught up for a breakfast that left us all feeling a little healthier.

Veggie Mama sits on a high traffic corner in Mt Lawley so I was surprised to find the place almost empty on a Saturday morning. We were the only table in there bar a couple of tables of gym buddies. When I arrived I asked if we could have a table for seven and one of the staff happily pushed some tables together for me.

As we looked over the menu we all started bartering over who would have what. (My friends are great – they all try to pick something different to make for a well rounded review). The prices peak at $19.95 for a big breakfast – eggs, toast, vegetarian sausage and a choice of two extras – mushrooms, spinach, avocado, feta or sun dried tomatoes; the average price for a dish was around $10 though.

I was so pleased to see Veggie Mama using Yahava coffee. Yahava is a local roaster based in the Swan Valley and they make incrediblecoffee. As we all took a sip there was a resounding “mmmm” at the table. Cass commented, “yep.. that’s Yahava”. If you ever get a chance to visit their roasting house in the Swan Valley – do it! Along with great coffee, Veggie Mama also offers a huge range of “mix your own” health juices ($6.50).

The health bagel ($8.95) that I ordered was topped with greens, avocado, feta and sundried tomatoes with a side salad of julienne carrot and beetroot. The bagel was soft and I loved the little seeds that pop in your mouth as you take each bite. The feta was my favourite style – Danish. Salty and creamy; it went perfectly with the bagel. The side salad was crunchy and fresh. I loved that they used fresh beetroot rather than tinned.

Carla’s breakfast beans – homemade boston-style  ($10.95) were a little crunchy but the flavours were bold. Covered in a tomato sugo the sauce had a hint of a honey in the flavour. It was a tasty dish that was both big in size and flavour.

Gail and Kimmy both had the “Egg-ceptional breakfast” – eggs on toast ($10.95). Gail had poached and Kimmy had scrambled. The poached eggs were done in poaching pods, which I am not a fan of. I think they look terrible – almost like jelly set in a mold. However, they were still done perfectly. Kimmy commented that her scrambled eggs were a bit dry.

Gail’s son Alex was  delighted with his nut butter on toast ($6.95). This was like peanut butter…. but better! (yep I had a little taste).

Emma chose a breakfast of sides – baby spinach, tomato and mushrooms. The mushrooms were seasoned well and the tomato and spinach were fresh.

The “Mediterranean” ($8.95) that Cass ordered was a toasted sourdough sandwich filled with roasted veggies, greens, feta and sun dried tomatoes. The roasted veggies were parsnip, carrot and potato – more winterish rather than mediterranean we thought. The feta and sun dried tomato saved the dish, giving the sandwich some stronger flavours.

The service is great and the food isn’t bad either. Next time your hunting for a place for breakfast along bustling Beaufort St – pop around the corner and treat yourself to something healthy at Veggie Mama. Your body will thank you for it!

Cnr Beaufort st & Vincent st, Mt Lawley
Breakfast served from 7am weekdays & 8am weekends.

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  • Reply Kirsty 29 November, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    I’ve been thinking about going here for a while now…. so thanks- i most definitely will try it out now & soon too!!!
    Love your reviews Liz – Keep up the good work!

    • Reply Liz 29 November, 2012 at 9:51 pm

      Thanks Kirsty! You should definitely try it – even if it is just to pop in for a healthy juice. :)

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