Voyage Kitchen & Delicatessen

27 August, 2011

128 West Coast Drive, Sorrento
Breakfast served 6.30am – 11.30am Mon-Fri, 6.30am – 11.45am Weekends

After a few failed attempts at trying to have a breakfast together Erric and I finally booked in with each other AND Voyage Kitchen & Delicatessen. I have seen before people lining up outside to get a table so I knew to book and I recommend the same to everyone unless you don’t mind standing outside waiting! On a side note, I like that you can’t see the people standing outside waiting while you are eating breakfast. There is nothing more annoying than feeling of being rushed by people glaring at you to finish and vacate THEIR table!

I got an SMS from Erric while I was parking saying “great table!” and when I got inside we had a cosy table right in the corner on the nice lounge seats. I noticed that even as packed as it was in there, it wasn’t “loud”, which meant we could have an enjoyable conversation.

We weren’t sure of the process for ordering as there were people lining up for takeaway coffee and also lining up at the till… was that to order or to pay? I called one of the wait staff over to get a menu and she told us it was table service and took our coffee orders. I ordered a cappuccino and a freshly squeezed OJ and Erric ordered a flat white. Voyage have a great selection of freshly squeezed juices to choose from that you can mix and match.

Even though I had looked at the menu on-line I was still finding it hard to decided what to get! It all looked so delicious and different from the usual run of the mill breakfast menus. The prices ranged from $6 for toast up to $18.50 for several of the menu items like Shakshuka – North African baked eggs with saffron braised peppers & tomato, coriander yoghurt & toast; Scrambled Eggs – Harris Smokehouse salmon, parmesan, asparagus, baguette; or what I chose the omelette – Mushroom and sage ragout, truffled goat cheese & toast. Erric chose Norma’s Salsa (also $18.50) – Poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, avocado, wilted spinach & marinated feta on toast. I also asked for a side of bacon ($4.50) with mine and Erric asked for free range pork sausages  ($4.50) with hers. Another menu item that you don’t see enough of in Perth considering our sardine trade is the old sardines on toast! Voyage had their version of this with tomato sugo, olive tapenade and watercress ($17.50). I thought the menu had a good selection of sides and vegan and vegetarian options; there was also gluten free bread on offer.

Voyage also offer a great little kids menu with a choice of either french toast or a ham and cheese croissant or toastie. 

The coffee came out and Erric was impressed with the presentation of her flat white! They were a good temperature and well made. Erric commented that hers was very milky but we both agreed the coffee was nice. My OJ took a little while to come out but it was very fresh and had a nice sweetness with the creamy froth from freshly squeezed oranges.

Now… our meals. Wow. I will start with Erric’s. Her eggs were cooked perfectly and she said that the marinated feta was delicious. The pork sausages evoked a response from her I have never seen in someone over… well… um…sausages. Erric would not stop talking about how fantastic they were for the rest of the breakfast! She said they had lots of flavour and tasted like actual ground pork meat. They were definitely the highlight for her.

My omelette was delicious. The truffled goats cheese was beautifully melted in the centre and had a nice strong flavour. The mushroom and sage ragout was very tasty and the strong flavours of the cheese along with the ragout went really well with the egg. The bacon I ordered as a side was nice and crispy. At first glance it looked like it would be dry but I was surprised to find it wasn’t at all.

The service at Voyage was really good considering how busy they were. Even though my OJ took a while to come out, it was delivered with a smile and apology. The coffees and food all came out in a reasonable time and none of the staff seemed panicked or rushed in the middle of a busy service. I really liked how it was ok that Erric and I sat chatting for a while after we finished eating and we were offered another coffee instead of being rushed out. As mentioned before – definitely book if you want to get a table easily! 

Voyage is in a great location to park down the road and have a brisk morning walk along the beach followed by an interesting yet tasty breakfast.

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