Wild Poppy

16 June, 2012

Andy and I have not been out for breakfast together for a long time and rain hail or shine – we were going for breakfast! As it so happened it was like a “grey English morning” when we decided to head to Fremantle to check out Wild Poppy.

As I walked inside I felt transported back to my great grand parent’s house. It felt like it could be anyone’s “Gran’s” house. There was art on the walls in ornate frames, couches with floral velveteen cushioning and home made cakes filling the front counter. The friendly staff were all wearing vintage floral aprons that just finished the look of the cafe nicely.

Don’t expect to look at the menu and see eggs and bacon in five different ways. The breakfast on offer is different with a south east Asian bent. The prices range from $5.50 for croissants up to $20 for the Wild Poppy breakfast (can choose either meat or vegetarian). Andy and I were faced with a difficult choice. I was trying to decide between the black Thai rice pudding with coconut cream and banana fritter ($16) or the chilli marsala eggs with Indian flatbread and tomato relish ($16). For Andy, the choice was between the smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, capers and cucumber ($14) or the crab omelette with chilli, ginger and oyster sauce ($20). For me the chilli won. I am a fiend when it comes to spice! Andy decided on the bagel. We both ordered coffees and milkshakes… yep I’m addicted to milk.

The coffees came out very quickly and there was a definite “wow factor” with the latte art, it was almost too good to drink. They use DarkStar coffee at Wild Poppy and it had a distinct flavour with undertones of caramel. It was delicious and at perfect temperature.

The meals came out so fast I thought they were for another table. The servings were generous and presented on mismatched vintage plates.

Chilli marsala eggs were punchy and a sprinkling of green chillis under the eggs added the right amount of fresh heat.  The fried eggs were cooked perfectly with silky whites and runny yolks. The indian flat bread was flaky and the tomato relish was sweet, giving contrast to the marsala spice.

Topped with ribbons of fresh cucumber and toasted capers, Andy’s bagel was far from the kind of thing you would see at a shopping centre cafe. The citrus from a squeeze of lemon lifted the fresh flavour of the dish and the toasted capers were a crunchy change from the vinegary pods you generally see on this bagel.

We ordered a side of bacon ($4) each as well. We should have had one to share. We had no idea it was going to be so much!

Wild Poppy is definitely worth a visit. The food and the decor will get you talking and you will leave with a content smile on your face having felt like you grand mother just looked after you and spoilt you rotten.

2 Wray Ave, Fremantle
Breakfast served daily 7.30am-11.30am

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  • Reply amy 17 June, 2012 at 9:05 am

    the latte art looks pretty – but actually requires little skill as it was done with choc syrup and a toothpick. those chilli masala eggs look amazing!!

  • Reply Liz 17 June, 2012 at 9:16 am

    Thanks for reading Amy! They did latte art on a flat white as well using the milk but I didn’t put the photo up :)

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