8 November, 2018
Breakfast Perth

Two words – baklava pancakes. Yes oh yes. This dish is what drew me to Yefsi at the Attika Hotel in Northbridge.

Sitting among the blue and white decor in Yefsi on a balmy morning is strangely relaxing, despite being metres away from a busy street. Table service here is a welcome sight. I had almost forgotten this existed in Perth. Coffee orders taken straight away is a big plus in my book!Breakfast Perth

Crema coffee supply the beans and but if you want an experience, try the coffee “Greek style”. It comes black and the liquid will be thick rather than like a watery long black.  I wasn’t going to try a coffee this strong right before I had to head to work. Some may argue that’s the perfect time to have your body jolted awake, but no… not for me.

The menu is concise, with less than ten dishes in fact. Yet they have nailed the variety with something light, sweet, savoury and something for those who like a bit of substance. Prices range from $9 for the Greek breakfast bowl – yogurt, figs, honey and walnuts; up to $19 for the village breakfast – bacon, eggs, tomato, haloumi and mushrooms with toast. If you’re on the go, there is a selection of Greek pastries available such as spanakopita and koulouri.

My husband and I shared a couple of dishes as neither of us was willing to say no to the pancakes. We started savoury with the Prevelly stack ($18). A trio of crispy, fried zucchini fritters is served on top of goat’s cheese tatziki. Grilled tomatoes, sprigs of dill and chopped avo peppered the dish. This could just as easily have been an entree enjoyed with a glass of crisp white wine. Loved it!

Breakfast Perth

Now.. for those baklava pancakes ($17). Layered with dried fig, apple, crushed walnuts and baklava syrup these beauties were superb. While they didn’t quite have that syrupy flavour baklava is known for, it was a pretty good take on the sweet treat.  A dollop vanilla ice cream was the real cherry on top to this decadent breakfast that had me and Andy saying “oh. my. god” between mouthfuls.

Breakfast Perth

It’s almost poetic that this cafe is located on the corner of Kakulas Crescent in Nortbridge. Yefsi is worth a visit, even if it is just for those baklava pancakes.

Attika Hotel
279 Newcastle Street, Northbridge (cnr of Kakulas Cres)
Breakfast served daily from 8am

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