Chef Interviews

Cassie Thompson

1 June, 2012


Position: Head Chef
Where: Black Toms, West Perth

How did you decide on the career of being a chef?
I worked front of house for a while and always wanted to be a chef. I finally did it and never looked back. I like the creativity of the job.

What’s the one cooking tip you wish someone had told you sooner?
How to balance flavours and season correctly. Would have been cool to learn that the start of my apprenticeship!

What do you never fail to order if it’s on the menu?
Pork/duck/game meats, bread or chippies.

Do you have a favourite breakfast?
Anything with hollandaise.

What did you have for dinner on your last day off?
Three dirty martinis and a large pack of Heinz big red tomato potato crisps. That was a nourishing evening!

Where is your favourite place in Perth to eat out and why?
For breakfast – Toast in East Perth or The Partisan (I like that little nook). For everything else – Clarence’s, Tasty House in China town, The Quarter on Hay and Mosmans.

The best thing about the Perth food scene?
Unique local produce and isolation (therefore individuality). I know it’s not food, but we produce some pretty amazing wine/spirits/beer etc and this helps the food scene.  I see that both drive each other.

The worst?
The Hogs Breath Café ads. The ones where the words flash at you (with no relevance to the advertised subject), and make you feel nauseous. Why?

Do you have a tip for customers to improve their dining experience?
Manners will get you everywhere.

Where do you recommend for fresh produce?
I went to the Coventry markets in Morley the other day  – it’s definitely worth a visit.

Give us one “egg” related tip?
It’s probably obvious, but the fresher the better. Especially for poaching… well for everything, eggs are awesome!

Tell us about your recipe?

It’s gluttonous and not for the faint hearted – enjoy!

Pumpkin Pancakes with candied bacon, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream


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  • Reply paul macnish 7 June, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Great work Cassie a fine recipe and interview to boot :)

  • Reply Traingirl21 3 September, 2012 at 8:03 am

    what a recipe! mouthwatering, now if only I could find someone to cook it for me . . .

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